Hello Mompreneurs!

Brace yourself for the obvious – Mompreneurship is messy! Regardless if you have a teenager or a toddler, kids makes messes. When Moms are busy running their business, these messes sometimes get overlooked or happen more frequently. 

This is caused by the lack of constant, eagle eye supervision (no, I don’t leave my kids home alone) and the fact that creating your business takes time. 

For example:

Today, while I was on a phone meeting (for about 1 hour), my toddler spilled his cereal all over the floor. I turned on the robot vacuum to consume his floor cereal and redirected him. 

The robot vacuum is so loud, that I did not hear him creating a lake in my blue velvet chair. However, when Mr. Robot jammed full of cereal – I heard the waterfall. 

At least it wasn’y my son peeing on the chair, although he has peed on them. The person on the line was so nice about it, they understand I work from home and they have kids. 

They did not judge, but that is not always the case. Sometimes, I lose customers or partners over my childrens background noise – I don’t sweat it, apparently those people are heartless. 

Luckily, my velvet chairs are easy to clean. In fact, I clean them with my carpet cleaner or wipes and they look and smell brand new even though they have been smothered in peanut butter, peed on and had waffle syrup all over them…

After we cleaned up the chair lake, I needed to get some work done on the computer while being on the phone. I sat down at my laptop and I got up – because my son went into the bathroom.

We’re potty training, so I went to micro manage him. It turned out he just wanted to put the hand soap into the toilet. I was able to redirect him, again. I swiftly called an end to the meeting – as all the needs were met. 

So, what is this blog about? Well, some days I can do the chores, while catching up on netflix, playing with my kids and baking cookies. Since my business is mostly passive income at this point, that is common. However, in the beginning, my business took a lot more time to set up.

I did not give up on my business because I couldn’t balance Motherhood and business. This is a stage, it does not last forever. (Read our Mompreneur Lifestyle Hacks blog if you need help with balance) Some days, I have back to back meetings and the house is neglected.

This is why I love using Amazon Home Services to help me with all my messes! When I have days that I know are scheduled for massive or important work missions, I schedule with cleaners. 

Sometimes, I schedule with a caregiver, too. You can use Amazon or for either of these services. Growing a business is just like raising a child, sometimes it takes a village! 

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